PPA15 Wireless Speaker


AMP 300Wrms @ 4 ohm load
Internal crossover
2 digits 7-segment LED display
Ф3 LED shows link, error and pairing
Paring button
Left/ right/ Mono settings
3.5mm service port
Aluminum rear panel
Cabinet : plastic, black
1x 1’’ high compression tweeter,  1x 15’’  woofer
Dims: 730mm (H) x 491mm (W) x 360mm (D)
AC switch, figure 8 AC inlet
Accessories: Class II power cord, User Manual

Pro grade wireless speaker for stage & commercial applications. Sturdy, dependable solution for small bands, events, restaurants, retail shops and commercial spaces.

Used for scalable systems up to 30 PPA speakers.




Clear Audio reduces noise in public spaces

No messy wiring, sound boards or amplifiers

Runs off any audio output such as phones, music players or your computer

Installs in a fraction of the time compared to wired systems

Does not interfere with other wireless networks

Complies with all international wireless regulations